Software Project Management

    Anna Murray, Author

    The Complete Software Project Manager:
    Mastering Technology from Planning to Launch and Beyond

    This is the must-have resource for every professional leading software projects. Within this book’s pages, everyone—from those with no background in technology to seasoned project managers—will find valuable advice to improve their process and ultimately their results.

    Written specifically for day-to-day use on the job, this one-of-a-kind resource addresses the factors contributing to often disastrous technology projects by providing exclusive coverage on how to successfully roll out and lead those types of projects. Even if you’re already in the middle of an initiative that isn’t going well, this groundbreaking guidebook gives you the crash course you need to turn things around, including the basics of software project management; clarity through real-world examples; advanced topics for developing an effective management approach; and the sometimes hard-to-see, but critical pitfalls to avoid and how to do so.

    Take your management skills to the next level with powerful, actionable insight found nowhere else, including:

    • The five most common project hazards and what to do about them
    • Identifying and trouble-shooting the three most serious project problems
    • The single-most important key to successful, modern project management

    Read cover to cover, this thorough treatment fully prepares you to lead for success with rarely taught best practices explained in easy-to-understand language fortified with hints and real-life examples. Keep this book with you through the entire project for its powerful management tools and handy lists of red flags, danger signals, and what to avoid at all costs to stay on track.

    For unmatched reliability, convenience, and go-to problem solving specifics to managing software development projects, turn to The Complete Software Project Manager: Mastering Technology from Planning to Launch and Beyond.

    Engaging, Actionable & Fun to Read

    What Readers Are Saying

    Dan Fisher
    President and CEO,
    The Copper River Group

    “Murray has organized the process into a textbook that almost reads like a novel. No, really! This book could be very dry, but it is anything but. She even brings a sense of humor to the subject in places…. This book should be required reading for any executive or project team leader that is considering the development of a software application or software purchase of a significant size.”

    Duncan George
    Kanone Consulting and
    Professional Services Inc.

    “Your book arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I’m immersed in it. Completely accords with my own experience and thinking after 30+ years in the business. I enjoy your terse, to-the-point writing style. I found the section on OTS applications (“Thinking You’re Editing When You’re Actually Creating”), to be right on the money.”

    Thomas A. Stewart
    Executive Director,
    The Ohio State University
    Fisher College of Business
    National Center for the Middle Market

    “Murray’s distinction among IT projects that are simple, complicated, and complex is worth the price of admission by itself.”


    Anna Murray, Contributor

    Cybersecurity Program Development
    for Business: The Essential Planning Guide

    This essential guide, with its dozens of examples and case studies, breaks down every element of the development and management of a cybersecurity program for the executive. From understanding the need, to core risk management principles, to threats, tools, roles and responsibilities, this book walks the reader through each step of developing and implementing a successful cybersecurity program by showing you how to make pragmatic, rational, and informed decisions for your organization.

    Read cover-to-cover, it’s a thorough overview, but it can also function as a useful reference book as individual questions and difficulties arise. And unlike other cybersecurity books, the text is not bogged down with industry jargon, so you can follow along easily and painlessly.

    If you’re a business manager or executive who needs to make sense of cybersecurity, this book demystifies it for you.

    Privacy, Regulations, and Cybersecurity:
    The Essential Business Guide

    Protect business value, stay compliant with global regulations, and meet stakeholder demands with this privacy how-to. It’s your guide to understanding what “privacy” really means in a corporate environment; how privacy is different from cybersecurity; why privacy is essential for your business; and how to build privacy protections into your overall cybersecurity plan.

    Find out which regulations apply in which regions, how they relate to the end goal of privacy, and how to build privacy into both new and existing cybersecurity programs. Keeping up with swiftly changing technology and business landscapes is no easy task. This is your opportunity to get down-to-earth, actionable advice on how to avoid dangerous privacy leaks and protect your valuable data assets.

    Whether you’re new to cybersecurity or already have the fundamentals, this book will help you design and build a successful, privacy-centric, regulation-compliant cybersecurity program.

    Nationally Renowned Technology Consultant & Software Project Management Expert

    About Anna Murray

    Anna Murray is a tech entrepreneur and founder of emedia, a provider of software development, high-level technology consulting, and project and program management. Murray is the author of several books, a noted speaker, a double winner of the Stevie Award for Women in Business, a recipient of a Mobile Marketing Association award for mobile app development, and a winner of Folio’s Top Women in Media award. She has consulted with brands worldwide on their digital strategies and is a graduate of Yale and Columbia universities.