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emedia is an interactive development company with a broad range of clients in industries like consumer products, manufacturing, non-profit, healthcare, education, publishing, media, and government.

Our team of award-winning, senior level consultants helps companies accelerate digital transformation, bringing their powerful expertise to every project we touch, whether it’s large and complex or focused and laser targeted.

Our full spectrum of software lifecycle development and technology management services include:


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Our Journey

How We Started

Pushing Boundaries Since 1996

“emedia is the
oldest women-owned
web company in
continual operation.”
—Anna Murray

I make this assertion because, as far as I can tell, it’s true.

I am a member of the “Class of 1996.” That was the year a bunch of us were founding interactive companies. It was a gold-rush time to start a web agency. The names back then were Giant Step, Agency.com, and Razorfish. Websites had digital counters; Java still meant coffee; and the word “google” would call to mind only those small plastic eyes with the black wiggly centers.

I wasn’t thinking about diversity in web startups back then. All of us were still trying to prove the web was going to be A Thing. We web founders spent most of our time explaining to people what the Internet was, how it applied to business, and that it was probably important.

Today, there’s barely a distinction between “media” and “online media,” or between “software” and “online software.” This loss of identity—the blending of a new technology within the fabric of everything around it— proves the technology has truly arrived.

People ask me a lot about my company name—emedia. Are we a media company? What kind of name is that for a technology consulting company? The answer lies in that legendary year of 1996. That was when everyone began to put an “e” in front of a word to indicate that it was the online version of the traditional Thing. We got e-mail, e-commerce, and e-learning. I founded my company to provide people with services to take their traditional communication—print, video, audio—online. Hence e-media.

The world of 1996 was very small. I never met another female web agency founder. I would like to know if there was one. For now, I will continue bear the self-declared title of the “oldest women-owned web company in continual operation.” If another woman founder steps forward to identify herself, I will happily share the tiara.

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About Anna Murray

Anna Murray is a tech entrepreneur and founder of emedia, a provider of software development, high-level technology consulting, and project and program management. Murray is the author of several books, a noted speaker, a double winner of the Stevie Award for Women in Business, a recipient of a Mobile Marketing Association award for mobile app development, and a winner of Folio’s Top Women in Media award. She has consulted with brands worldwide on their digital strategies and is a graduate of Yale and Columbia universities.