Project Management

emedia’s project management staff tracks projects, keeping them on time, on budget, and providing all stakeholders with the necessary level of visibility. We use the most modern time tracking and project tracking agile-methodology tools.

Strategy & Consulting

emedia comes into the beginning of a project to plan and insure the best possible outcome. We work with clients on vision, goals, technical requirements, budgeting and technology choice. Where additional specialized technologies may be necessary, we participate in vendor selection and management. We prepare design documents, technical specification documents, and RFPs.


emedia excels in achieving contemporary and user-friendly design in our projects. Our designers work with clients to arrive at an ideal look-and-feel. In addition, we partner with our clients’ existing agencies and designers to achieve technical and design synergy.


User experience is the way a website or online application interacts with users. Is it intuitive? Is it easy to decide what to do next? A good user experience can achieve intuitiveness even in complex web sites where multiple actions must be executed. emedia has designed the user experience for applications ranging from e-commerce through mobile and multi-layered finance/ERP applications.


emedia has a best-of-class technology team capable of executing projects from display websites through enterprise-level applications. Our programming languages include PHP, Ruby on Rails, Drupal, Django, and .Net.

Mobile Development

emedia develops mobile/tablet applications for its customers, from consumer-facing applications to business-to-business private apps.


emedia provides full quality assurance testing for projects and as a stand-alone service. This service includes preparation, test-case writing, performing QA, tracking and reporting.

Customer Support

emedia develops custom customer-support programs for its clients. This may be through email, instant messenger, or call center services.