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    Problem Solving a Cut Above

    These are just some of the complex, mission-critical technology solutions we’ve delivered for our clients:

    Managed end-to-end digital transformation for a major university publication, including ERP, document management, ecommerce, subscription, CMS, and taxonomy systems.

    Developed a high-functionality mobile app for a fraction of the originally estimated budget by implementing an innovative solution leveraging both progressive and native app development.

    Implemented a seamless inventory and logistics contactless solution within 2-weeks notice for a pandemic-impacted client who had a mission-critical timeline for the real-life exchange of merchandise.

    Rescued a software development effort for a startup music industry company, architecting the foundations of a scalable artist and label distribution platform.

    Completely upgraded an outdated and inefficient learning management system for a trade association non-profit, including RFP, vendor selection, and implementation.

    Successfully developed an innovative, cloud-based veterinary practice management solution, featuring enhanced UI/UX, comprehensive vet record management, electronic medical records, and seamless integration with diagnostics.

    Engineered a custom web-based inventory management application and transitioned a global manufacturing firm to an open-source platform, significantly cutting man-hours, reducing business risks, and eliminating a $25K license fee from their prior inadequate software.

    Successfully spearheaded the selection and implementation of off-the-shelf camp management software for a popular fine arts camp, achieving significant cost savings and reducing risks.

    Innovative Solutions You Can Trust

    Client Work

    Camp Management Software Consultation


    Need to find the perfect off-the-shelf software solution to run your business, but don’t know where to start?

    We’ve got the best tech experts to make it happen and we can lead the way!

    • Cost-saving
    • Balanced
    • Aligned
    • Laser-focused
    • Methodical
    When Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp needed to find the best off-the-shelf camp management software to fit their unique needs, they found themselves struggling with too many options. So they turned to emedia to guide the way.

    emedia took on the arduous task (the off-the-shelf software world is very broad, with niche products for almost any product or service you can think of!) with vision and care. We identified the relevant vendor universe, managed RFP/vendor recruitment, interviewed vendors, scored them, and helped the business come to a final decision. Then we negotiated the vendor engagement and oversaw the roll-out to ensure a smooth and successful implementation.

    The result was significant cost-savings versus the huge loses often tied to picking the wrong solution and having to start all over (80% of software projects fail!), plus high client and customer satisfaction and a successful product fit that is still in play today.

    Inventory & Order Management


    Sloppy, decentralized and highly manual inventory and order management putting a damper on your customer service?

    There’s database software for that, and we built it!

    • Custom
    • Comprehensive
    • Efficient
    • Cost-Cutting
    • Open-source
    When global manufacturing company Industrial Summit Technology (IST) needed greater, near real-time visibility into things like order status, inventory volume, and other complex production workflow data in order to respond to customer questions in a more timely manner, they turned to emedia.

    We conducted a full discovery of the issues, diagnosed the specific problem, and built a custom web-based application database to rectify it. The new database saved IST hundreds of man hours per month on manual inventory tracking and significantly improved/decreased business risk across the board. It also saved them an estimated $25K license fee on their previous (unsatisfactory) platform by moving them to open-source tech-based software instead.

    Mobile App


    Powering an $8M girl-led cookie empire?

    There’s an app for that, and we built it!

    • Award-winning
    • Innovative
    • Cost-effective
    • Powerful
    • Easy-to-Use

    Little Brownie Bakers, one of two main suppliers for the iconic and seasonal Girl Scout Cookie sale (an entrepreneurship program for girls), desperately needed to make Girl Scout Volunteers’ lives easier by putting the management of their Girl Scout Troop’s cookie sale in their hands, on an app they could access anywhere, anytime.

    The emedia team came up with an innovative and cost-effective way to develop a wrapped app, which combined the best of both native and progressive app development. The result—the eBudde™ app—saved Little Brownie Bakers millions of dollars while serving hundreds of thousands of Girl Scout Volunteers who are the backbone of the single biggest form of funding for life-changing Girl Scouts programming nationwide.

    Brochure Website


    Starting a new foundation or business and need a killer website to get you off the ground and rock that first impression?

    We’ve got an expert team for that and we can build it!

    • Crisp
    • Inviting
    • User Friendly
    • Mission-driven
    • Action-oriented

    Debut Brochure Website

    When One in Tech—an ISACA Foundation dedicated to removing barriers to ensure the Cybersecurity and IT Audit professions are accessible for all—was just starting out and needed a sleek, new website to get on the scene, they came to emedia.

    After a period of deep discovery to ensure alignment between website design and organizational goals, emedia built One In Tech’s initial brochure website from end to end pro bono and eventually teamed up to further enhance said website to meet the needs of a growing organization.

    Veterinary Diagnostic Application


    Have a custom-built business-critical app that isn’t working the way you need it to

    There’s a fix for that and we will find it and build it!

    • Strategic
    • Practical
    • Transformational
    • Results-Driven
    • Thorough

    Custom Veterinary Practice Management and Diagnostic Application Upgrade

    When VetCompanion—the first multi-channel veterinary practice management and evidence-based diagnostic solution—realized its custom-built app was falling short in key areas like interface design and architecture; multi-thread functionality; and standardization, they turned to emedia for a complete upgrade.

    After auditing the original code in depth, providing highly strategic recommendations to stabilize and enhance the application’s functionality, and implementing those recommendations, emedia was able to enhance online membership registration and payment systems; add a powerful subscription library/diagnostic help center; and ultimately increase app subscribers, the number of articles or pieces of literature contributed, and the number of animals better served when compared to the original app.

    Veterinary Practice Management


    Struggling to get vendors to execute your vision in a compelling, functional way?

    We’ve got seasoned, senior-level, and award-winning consultants and developers for that, and we can find a better path forward!

    • Cloud-based
    • Vision-aligned
    • Integration-friendly
    • Experience-Driven
    • Results-Focused

    Cloud-based Veterinary Practice Management Software

    When a team of passionate vets found themselves disappointed with the poor functionality of a practice management application they had commissioned, they turned to emedia to bring their vision to life in a more effective way.

    Emedia worked with the VetOfficeSuite team to develop a new cloud-based application from scratch including UI, UX, and features like vet record management, electronic medical records, and integration with the largest diagnostic tool for vets, Antech Diagnostics.

    Since its inception, the application has grown to help over 40,000 pet owners better manage the health of their 90,000 pets.