Little Brownie Bakers is the leading baker of Girl Scout® Cookies. Little Brownie serves girls, volunteers and families by providing a host of marketing services around the Girl Scout Cookie Sale, the largest fundraiser in the United States. These services include girl-centric technologies that empower girls to reach high goals. To support girls in their selling goals, we created the Cookie Club for Little Brownie Bakers.

Key Services

  • Website
  • Strategy
  • Design / UX
  • Project Management
  • Programming / Development (PHP)

The Project

tmg-emedia conceptualized the idea of a private club, or “walled garden” where girls get hands-on experience with online tools that help them manage their cookie sale. At the Cookie Club, girls take an online safety quiz, qualifying them for membership, then move onto setting and achieving their goals.

Girls put in their contacts and can send eCards to family and friends asking for a promise of Girl Scout Cookies. They see promises come in in real time and can watch an interactive “thermometer” of cookie boxes grow towards their goal.


Girls who use the Cookie Club reach high goals! Raising the average number of boxes per customer from an average of 3 to 6.